Sermons Feb-March


From Rev Lynda Davies, Priest in Charge, Cottenham and Rampton

February-March Sermon Series. Whilst All Saints' Church physically undergoes some 're-building', it would be good for us as a church 'body' to think about how we build a strong, healthy Christian community to help us grow in faith and number. During much of Lent, I'd like us to delve into the Old Testament and the Book of Nehemiah to see what we can learn from Nehemiah's rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.

The sermon series will be as follows, with the text available soon after each sermon.

4th Feb       First responses when challenges hit: Neh 1-2;

18th Feb     Keeping momentum - Neh 4;

25th Feb     Confronting problems - Neh 5;

4th  Mar      Combating conspiracy - Neh 6;

18th Mar     Brokenness, confession and forgiveness - Neh 9;

25th Mar     (Palm Sunday) It's time to worship - Neh 12


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