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Following this year's APCM held on Sunday 15th May 2022, the elected and ex-officio members of All Saints' Cottenham with Rampton PCC are: Rev Lynda Davies (Rector, Chair), Rev Marie Lucchetta-Redmond (Curate), Chris Lowe (Churchwarden, Vice Chair, H&S Rep), Lesley Maile (Churchwarden), Cheryl Lowe (Secretary), Sarah Rossouw (Treasurer), Alison Wedgbury (LLM), Sue Hooks (ALM), Edward Kramer (Deanery Synod lay Chair), Graham Maile (Deanery Synod rep), Graham Appleby, Gavin Cameron, Iain Campbell, Wendy Campbell, Frances Horgan, Nick Nourie, Cara Stratford, Matthew Unwin (Parish Administrator), David Ward. 


Parish Administrator: Matthew Unwin:

All Saints' Church, 6 High Street

Cottenham, Cambridgeshire

Postcode: CB24 8SA
























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