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All Saints' Services in Church and Online

Our online services haven’t stopped just because we are moving gradually to worship in the building: we continue with the very popular online services so it is really easy to find us on Sunday mornings, either by coming along to All Saints' church, or online through Facebook or YouTube. And if you’ve been accessing our online services, or simply looking at our website – welcome! Perhaps you find church online easier to try out than a physical building. Perhaps these extraordinary times have triggered something spiritually inside you. Perhaps you would appreciate linking up with a Christian community. If, for whatever reasons, you’d like some human contact with our church, or have a question, then please email me at and I will respond to you. Lynda.

Both the 8.30am service of Holy Communion and the 10.30am services are back in church. Links to the continuing weekly Sunday morning services on YouTube will appear early each morning from here and from our Facebook page.  Written sermons for most services, both 10.30am and 6.00pm, continue to be posted as well. Coffee fellowship via zoom will now be at 12 midday.

Weekly Sunday evening prayer will be held via zoom every week begining at 6.00pm; you are warmly invited to join in; please simply email each week to get the relevant Zoom link if you do not receive it via email.

Sunday 27th September, 16th Sunday after Trinity: 8.30am: in church for Holy Communion (BCP); 10.30am in church for Parish Communion service: Philippians 2: Make my joy complete ; 6.30pm (zoom) Evening Prayer

Sunday 20th September, 15th Sunday after Trinity: 8.30am: in church for Holy Communion (CW); 10.30am in church for Parish Communion service; online service: Paul's letter to the Philippians6.30pm (zoom) Evening Prayer: Mission

Sunday 13th September, 14th Sunday after Trinity: 8.30am: in church for BCP Holy Communion; Online service: Jonah 4: A Gracious God ;  6.30pm (zoom) Evening Prayer: Mission

Sunday 6th September, 13th Sunday after Trinity: 8.30am: in church for Morning Prayer, led by Alison Wedgbury; Online service: Jonah 3: A Persistent God ; 6.30pm (zoom): Creeds.

Sunday 30th August, 12th Sunday after Trinty: 8.30am: in church for Holy Communion (BCP), led by Rev Jenny Hill; Online (10.30am) service: Jonah 2: A Merciful God ; 6.30pm (zoom) Creeds

Sunday 23rd August. 11th Sunday after Trinity: 8.30am: in church for Holy Communion (CW); Online (10.30am) service: Jonah 1: A Passionate God ; 6.30pm (zoom) The Creed

Sunday 16th August, 10th Sunday after Trinity. 8.30am: in church for Holy Communion (BCP); Online (10.30am) service: The Canaanite Woman's Faith ; 6.00pm (zoom): The Creed

Sunday 9th August, 9th Sunday after Trinity. 8.30am: in church for Holy Communion - Common Worship; Online (10.30am) service: Testing the water  ; 6.00pm (zoom): The Creed

Sunday 2nd August, 8th Sunday after Trinity. 8.30am, in church for service of Holy Communion (BCP); Online service: The people are hungry, who will feed them? ; 6.00pm (zoom): The Creed

Sunday 26th July, 7th Sunday after Trinity: The Kingdom of God is Like ? ; 6.00pm (zoom): The Creed

Sunday 19th July, 6th Sunday after Trinity: All in God's Time ; 6.00pm (zoom): The Creed

Sunday 12th July, 5th Sunday after Trinity: The Extravagant Sower ; 6.00pm (zoom): The Creed - I believe in God the Father

Sunday 5th July, 4th Sunday after Trinity: Lean on Me ; 6.00pm (zoom) The Creeds - introduction.

Sunday 28th June, 3rd Sunday after Trinity: Rich Toward God ; 6.00pm (zoom): 'Amen.'

Sunday 21st June 2nd Sunday after Trinity: When the going gets tough (Matthew 10:24-42) ; 6.00pm (zoom): For Yours is the Kingdom,..

Sunday 14th June. 1st Sunday after TrinityCall to Action ; 6.00pm (zoom): Lead us not into temptation.

Sunday 7th June Trinity Sunday: Go, Therefore ; 6.00pm: Forgive us our sins.

Sunday 31st May, Pentecost online service of Holy Communion ; 6.00pm: Give us Today our Daily Bread

Sunday 24th May, 7th Sunday of Easter: Glorify my Name ; 6.00pm Your Kindom Come

Thursday 21st May at 7pm Ascension Day - Service with Holy Communion.                                     

 Sunday 17th May: The Spirit Beside Us ; (6.00pm) Hallowed be Your Name

Sunday 10th May: (10.30am) I am the Way ; (6.00pm) Our Father in Heaven

Sunday 3rd May: Finding Pasture ; (6.00pm) Prayer

Sunday 26th April: The Road to Emmaus ; (6.30pm) Spiritual PPE #2

Sunday 19th April: 6.30pm: Spiritual PPE #1

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