This page makes available some of the sermons preached at All Saints' by Rev Lynda Davies (unless stated otherwise)

Our church services haven’t stopped just because the building is closed: we have gone online so it is really easy to find us on Sunday mornings, either through Facebook or YouTube. 

And if you’ve been accessing our online services, or simply looking at our website – welcome! Perhaps you find church online easier to try out than a physical building. Perhaps these extraordinary times have triggered something spiritually inside you. Perhaps you would appreciate linking up with a Christian community. If, for whatever reasons, you’d like some human contact with our church, or have a question, then please email me at and I will respond to you. Lynda

Sunday 28th June, 3rd Sunday after Trinity: Rich Toward God (service on YouTube); Evening Prayer: Amen. (Cheryl Lowe)

Sunday 21st June, 2nd Sunday after Trinity: When the going gets tough - Matthew 10 (service on YouTube); Evening Prayer: For the kindom, the power and the glory.. (Alison Wedgebury)

Sunday 14th June, 1st Sunday after Trinity: Call to Action (service on YouTube); Evening Prayer: Lead us not into Temptation (Sarah Rossouw)

Sunday 7th June, Trinity Sunday: Worship & Witness Matt 28  (service on YouTube); Evening Prayer: Forgive us our Trespasses (Cheryl Lowe)

Sunday 31st May: Stay in Jerusalem: Pentecost (service on YouTube); Evening Prayer: Give us today our Daily Bread (Alison Wedgebury)

Sunday 24th May: Glorify my Name (service on YouTube); Evening Prayer: Thy Kingdom Come (Sarah Rossouw)

Sunday 17th May: The Spirit beside us (service on YouTube); Evening Prayer: Hallowed be Thy Name (Cheryl Lowe)

Sunday 10th May: I am The Way (service on All Saints Cottenham with Rampton YouTube channel); Evening Prayer: Our Father in Heaven (Alison Wedgebury)

Sunday 3rd May: Finding Pasture (service on All Saints Cottenham with Rampton YouTube channel); Evening Prayer: Prayer (Sarah Rossouw)

Sunday 26th April: On the Road to Emmaus (on 'All Saints Cottenham with Rampton' YouTube channel) Evening Prayer: Spritual PPE #2 (Cheryl Lowe)


Sunday 19th April Evening Prayer: Spiritual PPE #1 (Cheryl Lowe)

Easter Sunday, 12th April: An Easter like no other (10.30 Communion service from the Rectory available to view anytime on facebook/allsaintscottenham)

A Series on Determined Discipleship; following the book of James:

Sunday 5th April (Palm Sunday): Finish it

Sunday 29th March: Lose It

Sunday 15th March 2020: Tame It (Lottie Jones)

Sunday 1st March 2020: Face It

Sunday 22nd December 2019: Fourth Sunday of Advent: Taking a Risk

Sunday 1st December: First Sunday of Advent- The bigger picture

Sunday 24th November: Christ The King

Sunday 10th November 2019, Remembrance Sunday: Is Life Beautiful? 

A short series on Sharing our Faith:

Sunday 3rd November: Proclaiming the Gospel

Sunday 27th October: Matthew 28 - The Great Commission (Lottie Jones)

Sunday 20th October 2019: The Joy of the Gospel

Sunday 29th September: Feasting and Famished - Lazarus and the Rich Man

Sunday 22nd September: Sermon based on Luke 16. Reading (KJ and Message versions); sermon at 8.30 service; sermon at 10.30 service (Alison Wedgbury)

Sunday 18th August: Sermon based on Hebrews 11:29-12:2 and Luke 12:49-56 (Alison Wedgbury)

Sunday 7th July at Songs of Praise evening service: Christ Shining Through

A short series on Prayer:

Sunday 23rd June: Why Pray ?

Sunday 30th June: How to Pray

Sunday 7th July: Unanswered Prayer

Sunday 9th June: Pour out your Spirit on us today - Pentecost 2019

A short series on How we Relate to Others:

Sunday 19th May: Being Single (Alison Wedgbury)

Sunday 26th May: Being Married

Sunday 2nd June: Nurturing Friendships

Holy Week and Easter 2019

Sunday, 14th April: Pause and Reflect: Palm Sunday

Friday 19th April: Reflection on Good Friday Hymns

Sunday 21st April: Good Friday Smashed on Easter Day

A short series of three sermons on Forgiveness:

Sunday 17th March 2019: What is forgiveness?

Sunday 24th March, Lottie Jones preached on: How to Forgive

Sunday 7th April: Forgiving Ourselves

Sunday 17th February: The Generosity of God

Sunday 24th FebruaryGiving: a Training Exercise from the Heart

Sunday 3rd March: Living Generously

Sunday 20th January: How to Grow in Faith

Sunday 27th January: Committing to Growing in Faith

Sunday 3rd February: Love is ...

Sunday 6th January 2019, Epiphany: Three Wise Men

Sunday 16th December 2018: Advent 3 - Prepare the way

Starting on 23rd September 2018, Lynda delivered an Autumn Series of Sermons on 'Worship':

Sunday 28th October: Worshipping inspires our everyday speech

Sunday 21st October: Worshipping transforms our ordinary actions

Sunday 7th October: Worshipping offers us fresh insight

Sunday 23rd September: Worshipping engages our whole lives

Sunday 16th September: Sermon by guest speaker Hannah Fytche: Rooted in Grace 

Sunday 5th August: Gifts to All People

Sunday 29th July: I Pray

Sunday 22nd July Planning with Jesus

Starting on Sunday 3rd June 2018, First Sunday after Trinity, a new sermon series was started that focuses on the diocesan ‘Way of Life’ discipleship material. Lynda will preach on: Togetherness; Wholeness; Holiness; Witness; Kindness; Boldness.

Sunday 3rd JuneTogetherness: One God, One Body; 1 Cor 12.

Sunday 10th June: Wholeness: Giving your all to God

Sunday 24th June: Holiness: Becoming more like Jesus

Sunday 1st July: Witness: Telling the world

Sunday 8th July: Kindness: Sharing the love

Sunday 15th July: Boldness: Speaking up for Justice

Sunday 6th May 2018: Lasting Fruit John 15, 9-17

During February-March 2018 a Sermon Series was preached. Whilst All Saints' Church physically underwent some 're-building', we thought about how we build a strong, healthy Christian community to help us grow in faith and number. During much of Lent, we delved into the Old Testament and the Book of Nehemiah to see what we can learn from Nehemiah's rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.

4th Feb       First responses when challenges hit: Neh 1-2;

18th Feb     Keeping momentum - Neh 4;

25th Feb     Confronting problems - Neh 5;

4th  Mar      Combating conspiracy - Neh 6;

18th Mar     Brokenness, confession and forgiveness - Neh 9;

25th Mar     (Palm Sunday) It's time to worship - Neh 12


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