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    This week’s edition
    We lead this week with new research about the role of lay workers in the Church, such as children’s and family workers and youth workers. Most feel that their roles are not recognized by their dioceses, and the man who commissioned the research, the Bishop of Leicester, has responded to the results.   Inside we […]

    Theatre Reviews: Falsettos / Big ★★★★
    Falsettos ★★★★ By Peter May The mile-a-minute lyrics, the ever-changing building-block scenery and the cliché-heavy characters of Falsettos give the impression at first glance that William Finn and James Lapine’s two-act musical is a screwball sex comedy about who we love and who we sleep with, especially when those aren’t always the same person. When Finn and […]

    Britons ‘too busy to enjoy coffee’
    BRITONS are too busy to enjoy drinking a cup of coffee, according to a new survey by a British charity. The YouGov survey this week found that 85 per cent of those surveyed drank the popular drink in a hurry, blaming the pressures to be more productive. But now the charity, which works with small-scale […]