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    This week’s edition
    We lead this week with the latest report from the Living Ministry survey, which analyses the health and wellbeing of the clergy. The figures suggest that those who started their training after a career in secular employment are financially better off, but there are also concerns about mental wellbeing.   We follow up our story […]

    The potency of hope and optimism
    I have just got back from a few days’ holiday in Washington DC. America truly is an amazing country. Each time I go I am struck by the optimistic character of the American people I meet. While in DC, I went to the 10th Anniversary Dinner of the Kemp Foundation. It was a rather wonderful […]

    Life on the farm raises important issues
    “The Biggest Little Farm” Farmlore Films Not your usual 92 minutes of entertainment. After the highly successful documentary season in 2018, we see that Emmy-winning director John Chester has managed to keep the standard high with his new film The Biggest Little Farm, while using his new piece to open up a conversation that many […]