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    Thoughts and Prayers
      Monday August 3rd, 2020 Matthew 14:22-end – Peter walks on water… then sinks   The incident where Jesus (and Peter) walk on water comes immediately after the feeding of the 5,000 miracle. It is interesting to me how short-lived our bursts of faith are, and how real the world seems very quickly after a […]

    The first Sunday back
    By Philip Bromiley After four months of lockdown, the decision to begin the process of re-opening churches and providing worship, meant a deluge of guidance, risk assessments and consultation. I was thankful to be a Team Rector, bouncing ideas around, sifting through a variety of interpretations on how the keep a pew clean and navigating […]

    Films of the Week
    Steve Parish reviews two war stories, both based on truth. One is a much-embellished account of how mime Marcel Marceau was involved in the French Resistance (on digital platforms), and the other, showing in some Showcase cinemas, is a Latvian film billed, with some justification, as “a more realistic 1917”. Resistance (English; some German with […]