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    The truth about the dangers in our food
    The ‘truth about cancer and the foods you love’ was the headline for a supplement in the Daily Mail recently: the ‘spoiler alert’ was that a bacon sarnie isn’t as bad as you think… We are given so many mixed messages around what should and shouldn’t eat to stay healthy: low carb, low fat, low […]

    This week’s edition
    We lead this week with the news that a resolution is in sight following the breakdown in relations between the Diocese of Winchester and the Channel Islands. Agreeing that the status quo ante is no long feasible, a number of other dioceses were considered and we report this week on the proposed outcome that will […]

    Oxford’s bishops issue Brexit Checklist
    THE OXFORD Bishops have written a letter to every church, school and chaplaincy in the Diocese ‘calling on everyone to remember the commandment to love our neighbours as ourselves’. “As a nation we may be about to exit the European Union and begin a new relationship with our European neighbours and with the world. At […]